David Gaunt
Master of Acupuncture

David Gaunt Established 1979 - Nearly 30 years practising Traditional Acupuncture in Bristol.

I was a teacher in Bristol at the time but very interested in systems of healing to help people keep healthy and
get the best out of life. What I liked about Traditional Acupuncture was that it sees each unique person as a whole
bringing body and mind together and looking for the underlying cause of health problems.

In 1976 I started having treatment myself in Bristol and commenced a 3 year training for the Licentiate of
Acupuncture at the College of Traditional Acupuncture in Leamington Spa. In 1979 I started to practise in Bristol.
I continued post graduate training leading to Bachelor of Acupuncture (1981) and Master of Acupuncture (1985),
In 1996 I took a further training in Integrated Chinese Acupuncture in Reading, completing that in 1999. I am a
member of the British Acupuncture Council.

I was a founder member of Bristol Clinic of Traditional Acupuncture in 1981 and have also practised at Bristol’s
Blackberry Hill Hospital for ten years. I have practised acupuncture for nearly 30 years in Bristol. I am dedicated
to this wonderful and powerful system of medicine. I feel very privileged to be able practise Traditional Acupuncture.
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