David Gaunt - Master of Acupuncture
David Gaunt

What happens when I come for treatment?

I will do a full consultation that will take up to 2 hours. This is to look at the whole picture of your health.
I will ask you about your symptoms, health history, diet, sleep, occupation, lifestyle and about your general
energy and well-being. I will take the twelve Chinese pulses and will look at your tongue for indications
about your state of health. The first appointment will include diagnosis and the first treatment.

After that you will be invited to come for further treatment. Progress with acupuncture will be individual;
some people get back to full health very quickly, for others it may be more gradual.

For further information on how acupuncture could help you and for treatment charges please call me
on the number below; concessions are available.

I only use single use, disposable needles for treatments.

Charges for Treatment
Consultation Full case history, diagnosis, including first treatment
(1½ - 2 hours) - £50.
Further Treatments (1 Hour) - £40.
Concessions Are available for those in financial difficulties.
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