Why I would recommend acupuncture.

I am naturally a very stressed person and have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since 1999

I had tried various forms of relaxation massage, cognitive behavioural therapy and yoga, but I found that I still wasn’t able to cope in a panic attack situation.

My fear of having a panic attack would bring on a panic attack – a vicious cycle to be in.

Eventually a friend recommended acupuncture and particularly David Gaunt. I have been having acupuncture for three years now and the stress levels are much lower – meaning that I don’t worry so much. I find the sessions very relaxing – from talking through what has been worrying me, to resting on the couch and having the treatment.

I find the treatment painless and have recommended it to many friends with many different ailments.

Zoe Miller
Aged 31

I am very grateful to David for the acupuncture treatment I have received.

I came to acupuncture with a painful arthritic knee, which I’ve had for many years. Now the knee is virtually pain free. Also, I have become far more relaxed and less stressed through working long hours in self-employment. The acupuncture helps me to deal so much better with the pressures of everyday life. Everything is so much more enjoyable. My wife would certainly agree that I am more relaxed. I shall continue to have treatment with David on a regular basis to keep me going.

Aged 60

I first had acupuncture because I had heard it would help to alleviate the sinus problems I suffered. The sinusitis would be treated with antibiotics, it would go away but come back almost immediately. It was so painful I was taking time off work.

Acupuncture was my first time at trying anything alternative and I was sceptical. Also, I was terrified at the thought of needles and was nervous at my first appointment with David. However, David soon put me at ease. The consultation was very thorough asking me about my symptoms but also about my life in general – my emotional and physical health.

Once he had all the information that he required he started to treat me. David never promised a complete cure but encouraged me that acupuncture could reduce the symptoms of the debilitating sinusitis.

I started off with weekly treatments, as things got better this went to fortnightly sessions and then monthly visits. Each session focuses on me, my life in general and emotional and physical health. My sinusitis has reduced in severity and frequency and I have gone years without any outbreaks. Acupuncture has worked for me as I rarely have sinusitis now. When I do get symptoms they are only mild and I can get on with normal life.

Also, acupuncture has improved my overall health. Acupuncture has helped my quality of life and assisted me in feeling more of myself.

David is considerate and reassuring. He is always willing to explain what he is doing. Many thanks for all the help. I would whole-heartedly recommend acupuncture with David Gaunt.

Aged 47

Having spent most of the day on public transport (delayed by flooding) lifting awkward parcels on and off buses and trains. I recalled a comment often made by friends “Where do you get your energy from?”. A good question to someone approaching 79!!

I have had traditional acupuncture with David Gaunt over many years and it has helped to keep the energy of body and mind balanced so that I have got the best out of life and continue to feel so youthful.

Aged 78